• ZTAG brings laser tag to drones! Take on your friends in the most epic real life aerial combat! ZTAG is highly interactive with flashing lights and sounds. Get into action!

    Drone Laser Tag

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"It was some of the most fun flying I have had in a long time" - Nurk

Paul Nurkkala - 2018 DRL World Champion

"It really feels like you're shooting ... we're actually having real dogfights" - Le Drib

Drew Camden - Rotor Riot

Never Fly Solo Again

The First Person View (FPV) drone experience has been solo... until now.

What? You think having another FPV pilot flying next to you isn't solo? That's like watching VR movies together while sitting on the same couch!

1-on-1 or Team Play

Experience real-world aerial combat with ZTAG.

We're bringing video games to real life and taking drone racing to the next level!

How Does It Work?

ZTAG works by proximity. Simply fly your drone close enough to the rear of another drone to tag it. It's that simple.

Additional Questions?

Check out our FAQ.


On Sale Now! (2 for $99)

As Featured on Rotor Riot

Laser tag, cool. Drones, cool. Laser tag WITH drones, AMAZING!

We were featured on Rotor Riot where the world's top FPV pilots came together and played Drone Tag!

After that episode, we went back to the drawing board and now present to you ZTAG Drone Laser Tag!