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Installation Requirements

What type of drone can I mount this too?

How much does the system weigh?

How do you power the ZTAG system?

Do you have 3d printing STL files of recommended mounts?

Is this for digital HD or analog setups?

Can you mount this to a "tinywhoop"?

Can you mount this to a "cinewhoop"?

Can I connect external RGB lights (racewire)?


How well does ZTAG handle a crash & how can I prevent damage to my ZTAG board?


How easy is it for a colorblind person to play?

Can I play ZTAG Drone Laser Tag if I am sensitive to strobing lights?

Environment Requirements

What is the best environment for playing ZTAG Drone Laser tag?

When is the best time to play ZTAG outdoors?

Skill Level Requirements

How well do I need to be able to fly to play ZTAG Drone Laser Tag?

What type of rates and settings should you fly?


How does the wireless communication work?

Can you adjust the range?

Will you sell a drone specifically designed to play ZTAG?

OSD & Telemetry

Can this integrate into your OSD?

Can this give you telemetry output for your radio?

Can you have the score output to a leaderboard?

League & Competitive Play

When will this become a league sport?

How can I participate in a ZTAG Drone League?