Joining Forces to Expand IR Combat

All 3 companies in Radio Control combat (Video Aerial Systems, FPV Combat, and ZTAG) have joined forces to advance the next generation of interactive gameplay! Each of the companies has technology, expertise, and intellectual property that will contribute to a unified interactive RC gaming experience designed for mass market.

  • VAS specializes in RF design and is the patent holder for IR combat vehicle control manipulation (A.C.E. Combat System).
  • FPV Combat specializes in multi-mode gameplay with on-screen display (OSD) support.
  • ZTAG specializes in interactive technologies used in the entertainment sector (theme parks and family entertainment venues) and owns the ZTAG domain and trademark.

With an agreement now in place, the 3 companies will work together to find a partner manufacturer to develop a line of ready-to-fly (RTF) RC vehicles with multiplayer gaming features. The relevant IP in technology and trademark will provide legal protection and enforcement for the licensed manufacturer(s) from unauthorized copy-cats.

The public terms of the agreement are as follows:

This agreement establishes the framework for collaboration between the following parties.

The Parties agree to work together to create a consumer lR RC Combat System. The goal of this Collaboration Agreement is to popularize a new interactive gameplay for RC vehicles (air, land, water) and increase the total available market for lR RC Combat Systems. By working together, the parties above create a positive-sum-game where each party benefits further than individually marketing their own system.

The system will comprise of 4 major components:

  • Control manipulation when two or more entities interact (vehicle to vehicle and/or vehicle to object).
  • On-screen display if a camera system exists on the vehicle platform.
  • A "virtual ball" that can be passed between multiple entities to indicate gameplay focal point, if applicable to the game.
  • Publicly marketed under the ZTAG registered trademark.